Application Composerでデプロイする(sam build & sam deploy)

Application Composerでデプロイする(sam build & sam deploy)

sam build & sam deploy

デプロイはsam cli使用するので、前提としてaws cli,aws sam cliインストールをしておきます。


$ sam build


$ sam deploy -g

Configuring SAM deploy

        Looking for config file [samconfig.toml] :  Not found

        Setting default arguments for 'sam deploy'
        Stack Name [sam-app]: sam-app
        AWS Region [ap-northeast-1]: ap-northeast-1
        #Shows you resources changes to be deployed and require a 'Y' to initiate deploy
        Confirm changes before deploy [y/N]: N
        #SAM needs permission to be able to create roles to connect to the resources in your template
        Allow SAM CLI IAM role creation [Y/n]: Y
        #Preserves the state of previously provisioned resources when an operation fails
        Disable rollback [y/N]: N
        Save arguments to configuration file [Y/n]: Y
        SAM configuration file [samconfig.toml]: samconfig.toml
        SAM configuration environment [default]:



Application Composerでデプロイする(sam build & sam deploy)


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